Learning & Development Roadmap Self-Assessment Tool

Objectives of the Learning & Development Roadmap

The Learning & Development Roadmap (LDR) for Volunteer Management Practitioners (VMPs) seeks to uplift the capabilities of VMPs through the following ways:

  • Provide greater clarity for VMPs on the types and depth of knowledge and skills required to perform volunteer related job functions
  • Assist VMPs in identifying skills gaps and mapping possible development pathways for their career
  • Prepare VMPs for trends and future needs in volunteerism
  • Increase ownership of VMPs in their professional development

VMPs refer to any employees who engage and manage volunteers. They can be volunteer managers/executives or heads of a volunteer management team as well as other programme staff such as programme managers/executives, social workers or other staff who work with volunteers regularly.

Objectives of the Self-Assessment Tool (SAT)

As part of the LDR, this SAT is intended for you, as a Volunteer Management Practitioner (VMP), to assess your proficiency levels across the Technical Skills & Competencies (TSC) and Critical Core Skills (CCS) required for the volunteer management role that is performed in your agency.

This report will support in identifying the areas which you are currently doing well and gaps that requires more learning and development support. You are encouraged to use this tool on an annual basis, and to discuss the results with your supervisors to align on the developmental areas to focus on.


  1. Read through the LDR to help you better in doing this SAT. You are encouraged to discuss within your agency before filling the SAT to get an accurate view of your agency's status
  2. Read through the descriptions in the SAT carefully and understand the Proficiency, Knowledge and Abilities for each skill and competency
  3. Select the self rating that matches most closely to your competency level (you may refer to the Self Rating Guide).
    1. Be honest with yourself during the assessment to obtain a true reflection of your development needs
    2. Think of instances where you have demonstrated these competencies in your job role in the past year
    3. For better objectivity, you may consider seeking a second opinion from a supervisor or peer whom you work closely with

This tool should take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

* Where appropriate, we may share necessary data with other Government agencies, so as to improve the discharge of public functions, and to serve you in the most efficient and effective way unless such sharing is prohibited by law.