Volunteer Management System Selection and Implementation Roadmap Self-Assessment Tool

Objectives of the Volunteer Management System Selection and Implementation Roadmap

The Volunteer Management System Selection and Implementation Roadmap (VMS-SIR) is a guide to help agencies in their search, selection and implementation of a Volunteer Management System (VMS). The VMS-SIR aims to increase the adoption and usage of a VMS that is effective in optimising an agency's volunteer management capability, e.g. spending less time on data management. The VMS-SIR will be especially helpful for those agencies who are unclear on how to scope their needs, requirements and have optimal use of such a system.

Objectives of the Self-Assessment Tool (SAT)

As part of the VMS-SIR, this SAT is intended for your agency to assess the current state and use as a guide to search, select and implement a VMS.

In this report, you will receive results showing your agency's levels of maturity in various aspects and suggested pages to refer from the VMS-SIR. With the results, you can better understand your agency's requirements and needs for a VMS to support your processes. The results can also be used to identify gaps in your current VMS if you do already have one.


  • Read through the VMS-SIR to help you better in doing this SAT
  • You should discuss within your agency before filling the SAT to get an accurate view of your agency's status and needs
  • In the SAT, for each section with multiple choice, please select an option from the drop-down list on the right (indicated with "Please select an option"), and for each section with a checkbox, please check the box if the answer is a yes, otherwise, leave it blank

This tool should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

* Where appropriate, we may share necessary data with other Government agencies, so as to improve the discharge of public functions, and to serve you in the most efficient and effective way unless such sharing is prohibited by law.